Sunday, 10 March 2013

Vavo Foundation: Towards a positive social impact for a sustainable future in disadvantaged areas in Greece.

Vavo Foundation seeks actively to achieve a broad, lasting and positive social impact for a sustainable future, particularly in remote and/or disadvantaged areas in Greece. The three main tools include: Vavo Academia, Vavo Dialogues and Vavo Estate.
1) Vavo Academia
The word academia, signifies a place dedicated to the arts, culture, and the diffusion of knowledge, a term that comes from the Greek school founded by the philosopher Plato.
Activities are focused on very important areas such as regional economic development, culture, education, environment, sustainability, etc
2) Vavo Dialogues
Promoting the dialogue to help remote Greek regions create a sustainable future. For example, to improve transport and internet links to remote regions, boost small and medium-sized enterprises in disadvantaged areas, invest in a cleaner environment and improve education and skills.
3) Vavo Estate
Dissemination, promotion and development of Greek Gastronomic Culture, that safeguard the traditions and treasures of regional cooking in Greece.
Also, home/ hand made unique products by artisans using traditional techniques that have been handed down for generations, for almost 3.500 years in Greece. For private consumption on the estate. All profits go to charity. Vavo brand products carry with them the history, culture and flavors of traditional, regional, Greek gastronomy. 

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